Electro - terminology and scope

I guess everyone of us once was - or still is - at the point, where he had no clue what electronic-, house-  or techno music really distinguishes. Beats per minute and some mechanical sounds, this must be Techno! Or is it?

The terminology Electro includes all kinds of music, produced on an electronic basis, such as a synthesizer or a drum computer. Electro is the origin of modern Electronic, House and Techno genres. The roots reach back to the german band Kraftwerk, which was the inspiration for Electro Funk in the USA. Today the most popular subcategories are Electroclash, -Pop and -Punk, each diversified in rhythm and weight of melodic influences.

House / Techno
Althogh Electro was the root of House and Techno, you cant describe them as subcategories anymore. They are independent genres nowadays. The first House tracks were created in the late 1980s, in the USA. The name goes back to the club Warehouse in Chicago and is a development of disco music of the 1970s. DJs discovered the love of the crowd for monotone rhythms, because of the dance floor filling club mixed disco tracks. 
General genres are Progressive-, Funk-, Hip-, Hard, Minimal House and much more. Famous artists are Benny Benassi, Bob Sinclair, David Guetta and Armand Van Helden. 

This blog will feature the best of Electro, House and Techno music. Therfore I will feed you with fresh tracks on a daily basis!


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